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8 food trends in modern times

Before referring to food trends, we loose points through the advancement in human diet. The invention of fire to help people know how to prepare the fresh food into delicious dishes. We call it cooking. Dietary now not only recognized as the basic needs of life, but also as a tool for business, as well as how to return expression, culture or country inspiration for photographers save those memorable pictures.

Cooking is a way for you to experience and practice the knowledge you acquire in life. You will find the passion, the pleasure of seeing countless products made by our own hands. Thereby, you will learn many things and know how to promote their knack in the kitchen more. It is also a necessary life skills can help a lot for you in later life. This field will be extremely interesting to you if you understand more deeply about them.

There are many food trends in the world and becoming popular day by day. We count on 8 major trends in food consumption in the current period.

Canned drinks

Today, juices, energetic drinks are always on hand in the refrigerator of the consumer. Refrigerator storage is where the really most appropriate cans for people to be able to feel cool when the weather is sultry, extremely convenient than stored in conventional cans.

Food trends nonfat and low-fat

Foods low in fat and nonfat today becoming popular. Humans progressively more conscious in maintaining their health. Looks increasingly more attention. Currently, people have to know how to protect their health, they have gradually linked up with healthier foods.


Food less carbohydrates

We often hear about the little snack with healthy carbohydrates. Between meals, I will eat normal food items cause no. As mentioned, people are now questioning their own health a priority. A snack of cereal grains has become one of the popular trends of all


Cheese and spices

Cheese, spices and flavorings containing a strange appeal to all senses of the cuisine, we ranked No. 5 in the preferred foods.

Meat and milk

The popular products such as meat, fish, eggs, milk whatever reason still occupies 4th place in the ranking of the most popular foods.


Enjoy wine while meeting friends is common. Culture and alcohol do intensive traffic tighten and form good relationships. Therefore, the 3rd food trend is wine and alcoholic beverages. Wine good for health and gives us significant energy source in their daily activities.


Fast food

Rushed upon by life today, we often go to fast food just hoping to meet nutritional needs, while also saving time in the daily work. So fast food quickly up to No. 2 in the food trend of today’s popular.


Instant food

American and Southeast Asian nations is to express an opinion using foods to serve human life becomes more convenient. Therefore, topped the most popular food is ready to eat foods. Foods are easily processed and used. Worldwide, this is the leading foods most people use.

Like fashion, food trends also bring many interesting and no less popular but nonetheless, it does not mean diet right balance for our health.

20/06/2016 News

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