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Banquet Alacarte

Soul Vietnamese restaurant you will enjoy a culinary world extremely unique and fun with over 200 dishes from Asian cuisine, European, Latin American senior to the traditional folk dishes of Vietnam who carries all the nutrients good for the health of diners. Huong’s Vietnamese Alacarte menu will surely make you satisfied by many high-end seafood such as prawns, oysters, snout, crabs, … and many delicious meats such as large screen, wild pigs, geese, turtles , calves, goats, porcupines, chicken … The dish is marinated, fitting processing, ensure that your appetite though no stomach but still feel regret. Additionally, appetizer, dessert also gives you a lot more choice of salad, salad, rolls, pastries, fruit, …

In today’s modern life, the dishes from seafood processing is becoming the first choice of customers. Aware of that, the restaurant has raised the Soul of Vietnam seafood dishes up food into art. Processing at the hands of veteran chefs experienced seafood dishes at Soul of Vietnam not only excellent taste but also presented attractive, beautifully made diners irresistible, each dishes with a distinct flavor, remains forever unforgettable. Diners are urged to perceive taste each flavor characteristics that cooks every dish to recommend.


Tortoise always ranks as the special dishes, you by the taste and nutritional effects it has on the body. In ancient times, dishes made from tortoise usually only for kings and mandarins are processed very carefully, meticulously. And now, three three specialty food restaurant Soul of Vietnam was processed into the food but that familiar strange, familiar and close to everyone. Salt roasted tortoise, turtle beans cooked banana, cooking wine tortoise, turtle soup is a lot diners to Vietnam Favorite Soul.

Unique’s impossible not to mention the goose 7 HonViet restaurant dishes. Seven dishes bring flavor attractive 7 is both the most demanding customers. What is the goose duck, goose neck sausage, steamed goose, roast goose to goose stir-fried, braised goose shoots potatoes, fried okra gizzard heart rates. They all converged at the restaurant Soul of Vietnam to taste delicious, charming, sweet dishes from goose 7 how impatient diners had legs.

The chicken dishes are always prepared with familiar and popular with the people of Vietnam. Chicken can be combined with different types of materials for processing diverse ways to create delicious dishes, attractive. Soul of Vietnam to the restaurant you have the opportunity to enjoy steamed chicken with lemon leaves, chicken turns, salt roasted chicken … but its appeal lies in its own secrets of talented chefs have created Soul of Vietnam Restaurant a difference that gourmets easily realized than the chickens are processed elsewhere.

To replace gratitude to customers, the restaurant Soul of Vietnam often have preferential policies on prices and the program’s unique major holidays and special occasions of customers on birthdays, weddings, festivals …
Sitting in the space of the old town, enjoy the dishes prepared with deft hands of talented chefs is an attractive option for ban.Doi hospitality staff will be attentive service, bring to a harmonious culinary space, conquer the most discerning diners. Restaurants Soul of Vietnam is one of the few places with beautiful entrance decorated, good food and a lot of people’s favorite cities.

20/06/2016 News, Restaurant, Service

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