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Bread Vietnam reached top tastiest street food world

banh-mi-ngonBread (Vietnam) Mentioned bread foreign tourists certainly unforgettable dishes delicious sandwiches of Vietnam. This dish is the perfect combination between materials Eastern and Western. The main raw materials to create a compelling sandwiches including bread meat (usually pork roast, meatballs or ham), sliced cucumber, cilantro, carrots, liver pate and a little mayonnaise. When you eat this bread, you will feel full of taste: salty, sweet, sour, spicy. The best places to enjoy this delicious dish is on the streets of Saigon.
mon-Durum-thonhikiDurum dishes (Istanbul, Turkey) According to Turkish, durum means “book”, just a combination of material and shape of the dish. With durum, you can find the ingredients of a typical Doner Kebab as lamb (or chicken, veal) with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and lettuce, yogurt, soy sauce Special self mayonnaise. A special feature is, you will pack all ingredients in bread crust is very thin, not sandwiched in conventional crumb.
mon-ySuppli (Rome, Italy) This dish can be found on the streets in Italy, made from rice, beef, tomato and mozzarella. You can find in the shop Suppli street, in the pizzeria or the grocery store in Rome.
mon-trung-quocRoujiamo (Xi’an, China) Roujiamo in Xi’an is considered version doner kebab in China. This is one of the burger world’s oldest, with a history of survival and development of nearly 2,000 years. Traditional Fillings include stewed pork, cilantro, chili. Food derived from Xi’an, but this is widely consumed throughout China
mon-thai-lanSatay skewer meat (Bangkok, Thailand) meats on skewers are quite common in Southeast Asian countries. In Thailand, the food ingredients are mainly pork. This attractive dishes diners with slices of meat are marinated thin coconut milk, turmeric and other spices before being grilled over charcoal. Beef satay skewers often served with salad pickles, soy sauce. Satay originating from Indonesia, but many tourists that Thailand was the ideal place to enjoy this delicious dish.

mon-mexicoTacos al Pastor (Mexico City, Mexico) Like many other street food in the world, Tacos al Pastor is the result of acculturation. Pie famous Mexican Tacos usually lamb or pork rotation, marinated peppers, spices and pineapple before being baked. Sliced roast nine small, put on the cake with onion, cilantro and sometimes add a little competition as pineapple, lemon juice and hot salsa.
mon-hamTagine (Marrakesh, Morocco) is Tagine pot stew from North Africa. The main material of this dish is the meat (lamb, chicken or beef), vegetables, lots of herbs and spices, sometimes with fruit and nuts. Tagine is often served with bread, street food is impossible not to try when visiting the country of Morocco.
mon-ngon-argentinaChoripan (Buenos Aires, Argentina) This dish sausage sandwiches with very simple materials, including a sausage sawn lengthwise, put on toast, garlic chimichurri sauce government. Only with such simple ingredients, but this factor is typical for the South American street food, popular in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela. This dish often sold at sporting events, but you can also easily find it on the streets.
mon-an-doBHEL Puri (Mumbai, India) Puri Snacks BHEL Most are found on the streets of Mumbai, India. This dish consists of fried rice noodles, vegetables, spices and chutney create harmonious taste between sweet, salty, aromatic, spicy.
mon-ngon-colombiaArepas (Bogotá, Colombia) arepas are made from cornmeal cake or baked or fried wheat flour, is covered in butter, cheese, eggs, milk and a sauce made from onions called Hagao.

20/06/2016 News

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