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Conference banquet, senior seminar

Why should a party as a party conference? Party conference, the workshop is an annual activity of agencies, businesses or organizations, especially in the metropolitan areas of Hanoi. Party conference is not simply an annual meeting of the company or an organization, but also an opportunity to exchange between people together. Therefore, choosing a location outside the workplace to organize the party conference, ie a combination of meetings and parties is essential. You want a party conference in a space such as the luxurious, delicious food with a reasonable cost to the company party, reception or cozy dinner for family and loved ones? Huong Sen restaurant will be the place make you happy.
Luxurious space with conference banquet rooms accommodating up to 800 guests with delicious dishes appeal to experienced cooks processing, Huong Sen restaurant provides banqueting services for individuals conference , organized a most professional way. Rich buffet menu with over 140 high-end seafood Asian style, with bold Europe which still traditional Vietnam chefs are experienced processing.
tiec-hoi-nghi-2Food safety is an important issue for the health of everyone. Currently on the market appears a lot of chemicals, toxic additives affect human health. If used improperly food additive dosages and types of additives is not allowed for use in food will cause harm to our health. The use of these additives will extend daily accumulation cause human diseases such as poisoning or chronic manifestations (loss of appetite, weight loss, diarrhea, hair loss, chronic renal failure, location mental decline, pale skin, seizures), many other diseases in the future as people suffering from cancer, blood fat, as genetic mutations, stroke, obesity, reduce health – life expectancy, hell especially pregnant synthetic additives. Also affecting the quality of food destroys nutrients, vitamins …
tiec-hoi-nghi-3Understanding the potential risk of harm to human health above Huong Sen restaurant is a leader in the field of Seafood Buffet cuisine in Hanoi have been saying no to the additive effect human health. That job starts the processes from raw material selection and partner suppliers for restaurants. All are quality check most carefully by the standards of Bureau of food safety issued.
tiec-hoi-nghi-6Huong Sen Restaurant is proud to be one of the seafood buffet address today’s most advanced in the world of gastronomy gives customers the most reliable choice for the health of the community. Come and join your comments and you’ll notice the difference is clear. Ensuring the health benefits of major customers is the guideline and the business philosophy we Huong Sen. For customers in need, Huong Sen will support the necessary work for the party, such as a plan for organizing, sorting, decorated banquet hall; menu choice with taste suitable for all audiences guests; design, print backdrop, invitations, hire MC, organized music shows, art performances on demand … When preparing to hold a party conference, the siting, on the menu makes you lose a lot time and effort. Now, you can be assured of a party for her. Restaurant staff will advise you how to select the menu line with the most reasonable cost. With the continuous efforts, Huong Sen has won several emotional care, love and trust of our customers and is the destination of the business as well as lovers of culinary arts. With professional style with originality. Huong Sen restaurant definitely will make you happy! In particular, Huong Sen restaurant also has an advantage that not every restaurant that also, which is using the very special method instead of using state power, saving the national grid, have built for customers comfort, peace of mind when dining here without having to worry about losing power when the state is implementing rolling blackouts mode.

20/06/2016 Restaurant, Service

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