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Culinary Trends 2015: Public secondary to the throne?

The dishes are made from insects can become one of the culinary trends in 2015.

2015 is just beginning, but the celebrity chef in the world have been able to predict the trend will be favored cuisine.

1. Insects

Many people will feel shy while enjoying dishes made from insects, but the nutritionist and an entomologist in the world agree that the use of insects as raw materials for cooking will bring health effects as well as resources to solve the problem of food scarcity.

Fried grasshoppers with kale

Châu chấu chiên với cải xoăn

according to statistics, the world has a lot of countries have dishes made from insects, but the West has not yet accepted this culinary habits. In Asia, insects are becoming a specialty, even popular dish in many restaurants in China, Thailand, Laos or Cambodia. This is also a traditional dish popular in Mexico.

Châu chấu nướng xiên que là một trong những món ăn có tiếng ở Trung Quốc

Châu chấu nướng xiên que là một trong những món ăn có tiếng ở Trung Quốc

Maybe many people do not know that insects are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals can be used as food to more than 1,000 different species and appear on 80% of countries worldwide. Currently on the menu of many famous restaurants in the world has the appearance of the dish combined with insects, such as restaurant Noma (Copenhagen) served with beef is cooked, restaurant Archipelago ( UK) famous for chocolate covered grasshoppers, wheel hub …

2. The types of cauliflower, broccoli

As one of the super food sources of vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber is very good for health. Cauliflower is the food great alternative to potatoes if you are following a weight loss regime. Meanwhile, kale contain a lot of anti-cancer compounds and also prevent the development of tumors.

Cơm súp lơ sẽ là một món ăn ngon và phổ biến trong năm 2015

Cơm súp lơ sẽ là một món ăn ngon và phổ biến trong năm 2015

3. Malaysian rendang dish

Rendang is the name of a type of cooking curry dry, often appear in the luxurious banquet of Malaysia. With the fat of coconut water blended with tender beef and pungent taste of Malaysian cuisine. Rendang beef often served with steamed rice or rice wrapped in bamboo leaves and grilled over charcoal profile.

Món rendang của Malaysia

Món rendang của Malaysia

Ping Coombes, champion of the program MasterChef 2014, has revealed that “Malaysian food is simple but extremely unique flavor. I believe typical Malaysian dishes like “rendang” will easily become the leading culinary trends in 2015 “.

4. The food street

Chef at several restaurants famous prediction, in 2015 the street food will continue to assert its position in the culinary trends of consumers.
Hayden Groves, BaxterStorey chef at the restaurant, said, “The British are tend to choose to enjoy delicious cuisine in a comfortable space and more spacious, and of course street food is gradually meet their requirements. ”

5. County teff

No fat or sugar, the supply of protein and mineral rich, Teff grain is welcomed and quickly become the new secret of many nutrition experts. Also nuts also contain a tiny amount of calcium is high, in addition to magnesium, phosphorus, iron, copper, aluminum, barium, thiamin. This is one of the food does not contain gluten.

Hạt teff chứa nhiều canxi, sắt và protein

Hạt teff chứa nhiều canxi, sắt và protein

Teff seeds contain more calcium, iron and protein
Nuts have many nutritional values will be used to make bread, salads, soups and cereals.

20/06/2016 News

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