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Lent buns morning stomach lining

Vegetarian dumplings are an ideal food for everyone’s breakfast. This is a dish originating from the north, vegetarian dumplings how simple and easy to buy raw materials. Although no human vegetarian dumpling cake flavored cake but delicious, when food is easy to eat soft foam. Vegetarian dumplings are not just for vegetarians but it’s fascinating everyone. Go to the kitchen of his own hands and enjoy the delicious vegetarian dumplings offline! Vegetarian dumplings materials

  • Flour: about 300gr
  • Street: 30gr
  • Water or milk: 150ml
  • Men: 12,5gr

Detailed instructions how to make vegetarian dumplings Step 1: First, dissolve yeast in warm water about 100ml with 1 teaspoon sugar, stir and leave for about 5p.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-01-Step 2: Put the flour into a large bowl pour water slowly into the bowl of fermented flour and stir, then add a little milk and continue to mix.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-02Step 3: Use your fingers to knead the dough until soft and smooth, if a dry powder, add water to the dough is smooth plastic.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-03Step 4: Cover the bowl again and then incubated for about 1 hour kneading dough medium, to a temperature at which the dough warm up.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-04To check all your dough has expanded into hand print powder surface, not elastic dough is flour was
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-05Until dough are then pour the batter out of the bowl.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-06Step 5: Before making the dough again for plastic powder. If you want bread with beautiful and colorful colors that you can mix with powdered strawberries, strawberry juice or water and mix Pandan … until all the color is.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-08Step 6: Return the meat to the table and rolled the dough into wide long bar diameter 2-2,5cm. You can sprinkle a little flour on a flat surface to baking powder, then use the knife support adhesive powder into pieces with a specific size or you can squeeze the bread into fun graphics pie, lovely as you like.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-101For a little oil at the bottom of the dough to stick support. Get 1 the pulse and put bread on the pulse, cold water into the pot and then cover tightly and boil region. Continue boiling water for about 15p more steamed bread is. When steamed buns you can add 1 teaspoon white vinegar, white bread will do more. When dumplings spent nine gripping discs. So you’ve got a delicious vegetarian dumplings plate, white bread with milk aroma of food and soft foam.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-09In addition to making traditional vegetarian dumplings as above, you can process more vegetarian dumplings colors and add new flavors with white powder purple sweet potato preparation section above. Part purple sweet potatoes cleaned and put in the pot boiled. Potatoes until cooked, then retrieved and brought mashed potatoes peeled for krill. When potato puree was then mixed with 1 part flour. Then spread on the table and flour for the white powder on top and lightly rolling the dough into squares with thin thickness of about 1 cm, powder purple section do likewise.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-11Then put on the purple powder white powder and rolled dough, the knife cut to a thickness of about 4cm, then the pot boiled boss is.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-12Steamed and then pick up the presents left out to disk.
cach-lam-banh-bao-chay-13Vegetarian dumplings how simple is not it. White cake, eating sponge cake with soft and aromatic flavors of milk. It’s suitable for use as breakfast or snack during the day along with 1 cup of milk. Take immediate funding and good food for your family then, wish you success!

20/06/2016 News